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Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk Starter Pack 6 x 70ml

Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk Starter Pack 6 x 70ml

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Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk Starter Pack: Perfect Portions for Trying Something New (from Birth)

The Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk Starter Pack is a convenient and travel-friendly way to introduce your newborn to Kendamil's Stage 1 formula.

Ready-to-Feed Convenience:

  • Six 70ml Bottles: This pack includes six individual bottles (and 6 individually wrapped pre-sterilized nipples) each containing 70ml of Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk formula.
  • Pre-Sterilized Bottles: The bottles are pre-sterilized for your convenience, saving you time and ensuring safe feeding for your baby.
  • No Mixing Required: These bottles are ready-to-feed, eliminating the need for measuring and mixing powder, perfect for on-the-go feeding or busy moments at home.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition:

  • Suitable from Birth: This formula is designed for newborns from birth onwards and provides complete and balanced nutrition to support your baby's growth and development during this critical stage.
  • Made with Milk & Essential Vitamins: Kendamil Stage 1 formula is made with whole cow's milk and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron for cognitive development and vitamin D for strong bones.
  • Palm Oil Free & Plant-Based DHA: This formula avoids palm oil and contains plant-based DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid for brain and eye development. This also allows this milk to be vegetarian friendly.

Trying Before Committing to a Larger Container:

  • Perfect for Travel or Trying a New Formula: The single-serve bottles are ideal for travel, hospital bags, or trying Kendamil before purchasing a larger container.
  • Six Bottles Provide Multiple Feeds: This starter pack offers enough formula for several feedings, allowing you to assess your baby's tolerance and acceptance of the Kendamil brand.

Additional Information:

  • Always consult your pediatrician before introducing Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk to your baby, especially if they have any underlying health conditions or allergies.
  • Breastfeeding is best for babies whenever possible.
  • Follow the instructions carefully on the packaging for proper storage and use to ensure the safety of your baby.

Kendamil Stage 1 First Infant Milk Starter Pack provides a convenient and easy way to try Kendamil's formula for newborns. Order yours today and see if your little one enjoys this gentle and nutritious option!

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